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We like it in the Dark

Adirondack Park Paranormal Society was founded in 2011 by our current team manager Damon Jacobs. This team started out on a rocky road, but after the last few years they have found a solid, well-rounded team. Today, Damon Jacobs now manages this team with his co-manager Susan Goff and the assistant manager of the team, Aymée-Lynne Newstead. Not only do they want to investigate haunted places, they want to find the scientific evidence of entities existing even though most can't see them. With this, they also are always open to say that something is not paranormal but has a more mundane reason for what is happening to the building or property. 

What We Do-

As our team has evolved, so have what we do and how we do things. We use equipment to record any evidence that we can find along with using older techniques such as dousing rods and pendulums. 

While our team is large, only a small part are actual investigators. Some of our other members are our research and review team. Prior, and even after, the investigation, members will delve into the history of the location of the investigation site. Our review team will look over all the audio and video that we procured during the investigation to see if evidence of anything abnormal is on the tapes.  

Our first thing we do is working on debunking anything we find. We know that there could be so many explanations for things to happen, its when we don't have an explanation that we start looking at something to be a supernatural phenomenon.

Why We Do What We Do-

We try to keep, for the most part, our investigators and our researchers and reviewers separate for a few reasons. When we don't have most of  our investigators not know the history, what we call "going in blind," actually helps us know that we aren't following an unknown or subconscious bias when investigating. And we do the same for our review team. To reduce trying to see/hear something we want to, we have members that were not on the investigation to check the files for evidence. If we want confirmation or ruling out anything, we would consult the investigators that were part of the investigation. 

Abstract Black Wave

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Stay Tuned

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APPS Alchemy Podcast - Main hosts are Damon Jacobs, Susan Goff and Aymée-Lynne Newstead.


Often joined by other members of the team like Jennifer Coriale, Sarah Williamson, Kristina Bloom, Sandy Silverstein,

and Todd Dehring.

Have Any Questions?

We understand that there are many mysteries when in comes to the paranormal. You might have some personal ones about a personal experience. Feel free to send us a message on here (click the button below), on Facebook Messenger, or via our email


We want to answer any question you might have, or even here of any places you want us to investigate. 


Based in The Adirondack Park...  APPS is a not for profit organization that was created/founded with the purpose of Paranormal Research and Investigation. 


Mission Statement:

The sole intention of APPS is to investigate and research paranormal activity for those who seek the possibility of a scientific explanation of unexplained happenings. 


General Information:

**DISCLAIMER: Our investigations are completely confidential... NO evidence will be revealed/disclosed to the general public without expressed consent from the client. Any dwelling or property that is to be investigated must be owned by the client, or have expressed written consent from the property owner, as well as, consent of any other tenants if it is a multiple residence dwelling (aka.. apartment buildings).**



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